Battling Robots at Egglescliffe School

Labman could not resist being involved in Battling Robots with students at Egglescliffe School.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 5th Mar 2020

As part of a new programme designed to engage and enthuse students into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Egglescliffe School’s Young Engineering Club have launched a series of extra-curricular projects to be run with the help of industry experts over the coming year.

Labman could not resist being involved in one of their latest projects - Battling Robots, and so a handful of staff members put their sweat, tears and much of their own time into helping teams of students create ant-weight robots which were to compete for victory in a battle which took place in a purpose built mini-arena at the school earlier this week.

Six teams of budding engineers worked with the keen help of Labman staff to create the mini-bots which featured all kinds of wonderful weapons and components, from flippers, spinning saws, bashers and of course no combat robot would be complete without a pink, 3D-printed Shrek head.

As the battles commenced, the teams looked on to witness the fate of their robot and what would become of their weeks of hard work. Due to the size of the mini-bots the drivers had to be on their guard as their opponents whizzed about the arena.

Well done to team M.A.J.A who took the top prize, and runners up The Wheelie Bin Boys.

It was quite something to see the machines in action, knowing they had been created from scratch. Hats off to their teacher Mike Fairbairn for his dedication to the Young Engineering Club and encouraging his students into an exciting future. We were delighted to see some students already requesting work experience with us here at Labman!
Whilst it may have proved a challenge for the students, our goal is provide young people with knowledge, and hopefully confidence and enthusiasm for a potential career in engineering.