Labman are pleased to support Hugs for the Homeless

The staff at Labman donate food and warm clothing to Middlesbrough charity Hugs for the Homeless.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 23rd Feb 2016

Following an appeal from one of our employees, Richie Bullock, the staff at Labman were only too pleased to donate food and warm clothing to Middlesbrough based charity Hugs for the Homeless.

Hugs for the Homeless’ is a group put together by six close friends and family members all living in and around Middlesbrough whose aim is to help vulnerable people in the town. The group meet every Thursday evening under the A66 viaduct next to the Zetland Car Park where they hand out hot food, warm clothing and toiletries to those living on the streets.

Our staff generously donated ten bags of warm clothing to the group plus flasks and a broiler. In addition Richie was pleased to be able to hand over additional food, drinks and toiletries to group founder Mark-James Testo on behalf of everyone at Labman.

For further information on Hugs for the homeless and the great work they undertake visit their Facebook page

Hugs for the homeless