Making a Splash!

For when Paddle boarding is simply too slow - turn a hedge trimmer into an outboard motor!
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Katie SimpsonPublished 14th May 2019

Will Hogge, head of Labman Software has been with us for over a year now and is delighted to share his latest project with you: the paddle-board.

Paddle boarding is great.  Great exercise.  Tranquil.  Relaxing.  Very Xen.  But SLOW.  Way too slow.

Working at Labman has many benefits.  Great colleagues.  Working on interesting projects that benefit people all over the world, etc.  But importantly – Labman also has all the hardware required to turn a hedge trimmer into an outboard motor.  And to create a brace that can attach that motor to a paddle board.

This enables one to go A LOT faster when paddle boarding.

At Labman this can be achieved in 3 easy steps.

Phase 1) Use our CAD software to design the components required to make a hedge trimmer into an outboard motor.  Then print these components using our suite of 3D printers.

Phase 2)  Use our laser cutters to cut some stainless steel plates which enable the motor to be attached to the board

Phase 3) Attach the motor to the board.

Phase 4) Jump onto the Ouse in York (other rivers are available) and get cruising!  No more need to paddle.