The Pig, the Prosecco, and the People - LABFEST 2016

Hawaiian shirts were in full swing for this year's LABFEST celebration!
Labman culture 8 min read

Katie SimpsonPublished 9th Aug 2016

Labman HQ was basked in sunshine for LABFEST 2016 – Labman’s annual summer celebration. With a home-made hog-roast, a full-size inflatable volleyball court, beer pong, Hammerschlagen and more…… Staff, family and friends descended on the grounds of Labman for an amazing day of fun and relaxation.

The culmination of several weeks of intense preparation and head-scratching, LABFEST 2016 saw the introducing of the Labman Strength Test Machine and the Robotic Cocktail Maker – serving up the now notorious ‘Lillystone Special’. Extreme competition with the mallets eventually broke the Strength Test Machine, but not before several strikes hit the bell to claim the top-spot. Scrambling atop the ‘rock ‘n roller’ (an inflatable jousting game), proved quite a challenge for anyone over 3-feet, let alone trying to stand up long enough to even attempt to knock your opponent off.

One of the main focuses of a LABFEST though, without question, is the food. This year’s party included a couple of barbeques and the infamous hog-roast. In true Labman-style, a breeze-block-enclosed fire was constructed, atop which the swine was suspended. A solid rotisserie motion was provided by a motor and the gears of Andrew Whitwell’s bicycle. Thanks to those that came down at 6am to start the fire and start the hog cooking, there was food aplenty, and pork sandwiches are on most staff’s lunch menu for the next week or so!

Most attendees donned the dress-code of Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops, however, some serious tie-dye numbers arguably stole the show, and gave the day more of an atmosphere of an 80s festival than a beach party. The weather was certainly tropical, at least for the North East of England, and as the sunset smudged Saturday into Sunday, the remaining campers danced and reclined around the fire, and the laser show flashed across the side of the building, there was a collective feeling that LABFEST 2016 had been a good’un.

Rest-assured, plans are already underway for LABFEST 2017…