The Interns #4 - Joy

Intern Joy took over a project in her first week at Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 12th Sept 2018

Passionate about engineering
Within my first week at the company I was entrusted with taking over and leading a project. I’ll admit that initially it felt like a daunting task, but the responsibility you’re given only drives you to want to succeed even more. If an established company – such as Labman – is confident in your abilities to complete these tasks then why shouldn’t you have confidence in yourself? My skills as an engineer have increased exponentially, not only in mechanical engineering but also in electronics and software. The opportunities at a diverse company like this are incredible if you choose to get stuck in where you can! Labman is full of passionate engineers and inventors, eager to help you if you’re ever stuck or in need. This cultivates a ‘family feel’ within the company, making the work so much more enjoyable and far less daunting than originally perceived.

Passionate about culture
I’m sure that one of the first things that will impact about Labman is their enthusiasm for their ethos ‘Work hard. Play hard’. That phrase really does perfectly encapsulate the heart of Labman Culture. Lunchtime/After work activities are ever expanding and currently include everything from yoga, to a book club, climbing and more! For the annual summer party Labman encouraged me to lead a team in designing and building an arcade machine, which only further demonstrates how they not only nurture your passion for engineering but also your personal interests too.

Passionate about the future
One of the other many things I was able to do over my summer here was to encourage young people into STEM. I was encouraged to apply to be a STEM ambassador which again nurtured my passion for encouraging and helping others. I was able to go into a school with a couple of my colleagues and help in a ‘technology day’. It was so encouraging to help young people spark a passion for these subjects, particularly young girls, as the field is still struggling with a male-dominated work force in STEM. This leads perfectly to my next point – even though the workforce is predominantly male – Labman don’t make you feel like a minority. I didn’t feel like a woman in a man’s world, I just felt like another valuable asset to the team.

If you have a passion for engineering or technology I’d strongly encourage you to apply to Labman. It’s prepared me for my final year at uni, and I’m going back even more excited to become an engineer and see what the future holds.