The Interns #5 - Daniel

Daniel joined us for his second summer running as an intern.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 13th Sept 2018

We’ve been asking each of the interns that worked at Labman this summer to give us their take on working here. Next up, Daniel:

Having spent two summers at Labman now, I feel altogether spoiled by the fantastic working environment they have created. The nature of their work – building custom robots – ensured that I was never bored or uninterested in a task. This was compounded by the fact that they aren’t scared to let their interns get involved in serious, difficult projects; you gain a better understanding of the way the company operates and get to work on stuff which is just frankly, cool. One aspect I admired was their open-plan building, which keeps all the employees physically part of a cohesive whole and facilitates cooperation and communication really well. It also hosts impressive recreational facilities which you can use freely during your lunch break to relax.

As for my personal experience, I came to Labman with my main interest being software development, and as such was given software-heavy tasks which really allowed me to test myself in a working environment. I identified some key weaknesses in my skill-set which I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise until much later, to probably much more dramatic effect, and also experienced the value of knowing a little about a broad range of things other than one’s speciality – it sounds obvious, but at Labman it became glaringly so.

Something tells me that I will be seeing the personal benefits of my time spent at Labman for a while yet, and it makes me proud that I had the opportunity to experience such a unique and innovative company. I would strongly recommend that any student with a technological interest pay particular attention to Labman and the internship and apprenticeship opportunities they provide.