The Interns #2 - Aidan

Aidan returned for his second internship at Labman, read what he has to say second time around.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 28th Aug 2019

A local lad returns for his second internship at Labman! After finishing his second year at Cambridge University, Aidan’s summer internship has almost come to an end. It’s great to hear about what he enjoyed working on this summer. He just can’t get enough!

Take Two.

Labman is so much more than just a place of work! It’s an activity centre, a social hub, a great place to party and work yeah, we do some of that too.
This year I spent my second summer at Labman and despite an amazing time last year, this summer outclassed it in almost every way.

This year I worked as Project Leader on a robot for frozen confectionery which was as cool as it sounds in more ways than one. As an intern you are treated as any other member of staff. I met and negotiated with customers, helped make sales, did design work for a 7-million-pound robot and started the Labman running club; if you thought an internship was just making cups of tea you’ll be in for a shock!

My previous intern blog detailed how incredible the people here at Labman are but at that point I’d barely scratched the surface. Among the Staff here you have artists, chess players, off roaders, footballers and most importantly pie eaters. Whatever you are interested in outside engineering, Labman will give you a great way to enjoy it alongside your job.

Labman doesn’t ask for a polished CV or years of work experience; it trains you and invests time to make sure you develop into a good engineer. I applied with few practical skills, I didn’t know my way around Solidworks and had never programmed in C#; I’m leaving here with skills that will be genuinely useful in my future career. I don’t know if you could really ask for more from an internship.