The Interns #9 - Daniel

Daniel has returned for his third stint at Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 6th Nov 2019

Returning for a third stint at Labman, Daniel tells us how his internship here has provided him with some invaluable first hand experience working with software:

"Honestly, this company is just brilliant. Having now completed a third stint at Labman, I am glad to report that working here is never tiresome. Everyone is just as friendly, helpful and welcoming as they were the first time I came, not to say busy – Labman is expanding, and soon they will have even more open plan project space and leisure facilities (at Labman these two aspects are inseparable). I feel I may have to try and return again to experience it.

After last summer I had the privilege of continuing doing software development work for Labman remotely, on a project on which I was the sole developer. Since finishing that project I’ve been involved in the design and development of a software system intended to be an internal standard, experienced the process of acquiring a new project, worked with a £1.4 million robot and have even done some image processing work.

For a software intern, Labman provides an environment where software and hardware are very much intertwined - it encourages you to understand both to some degree to be successful. Overall, it is a fantastic workplace and offers a unique experience for any technically inclined person".