The Interns #4 - James P

James has been working on wiring electrics on some of the ongoing projects during his time as an intern at Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 10th Sept 2019

With a passion for robotics and currently studying electrical engineering at the University of York, James is hoping his experience at Labman will give him the leg-up he needs to get into the wonderful world of bionic prosthesis. Here’s his blog.

After making the decision to leave the printing industry and retrain as an Electronic Engineer, I was looking for a place to gain some real engineering experience. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Labman and after having a tour around, meeting a few of the staff and having a chat about the various projects on the go, I knew I wanted to get involved.

While I have been here, I’ve been lucky to work within a great team doing some of the electrical and software jobs for the project. I started working on the electrics, wiring up some of the main components for the rigs we were building as well as learning some of the project management side of things. I was given the responsibility to order most of the main components needed for the upcoming builds as well as catalogue those items when they arrived, making sure everything was in order. I later moved onto building some software that would ultimately be implemented into the main software, which is a great feeling. The software I worked on included database work and encryption.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the experience working at Labman. The company has some great people who are friendly and are willing to help you out if you’re stuck or unsure about anything. I’d fully recommend it to anyone thinking of applying.