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Collaborative, design-led, built in-house in the UK - Labman build technology and relationships that last.

Cutting-edge technology, unique partnerships

Labman started as an engineering company; at our core, we love to build technology. But we also firmly believe in customers being clients for life; delighted with every project and product. Whether you're buying an off-the-shelf product from us or working on a custom project, we're a team that prides itself on developing and maintaining great relationships with our customers, whilst providing robust, cutting-edge technologies.
  • Huge depth of experience developing solutions for a wide range of industries and processes, from paints and coatings to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals..
  • We love the people we work with, both our staff and our customers, and always aim to foster great working relationships.
  • All aspects of our engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical & software) are in-house, allowing for flexibility and agility in design and manufacturing.
  • Dedicated support team for total worldwide support of any Labman technology.

Unmatched engineering capabilities

Our huge multi-disciplinary engineering teams are the beating heart of Labman, developing amazing technologies with passion and skill.
  • Large dedicated machine workshops for full in-house manufacturing, quick part turnaround and high-end finishes
  • Specialized mechanical and product design teams.
  • Extensive project management capabilities.
  • Expert electronic and electrical engineers focused on complex wiring, PCB creation and more.
1979Year founded
400+Projects completed
100K+Global users
200+5 star reviews

We take our role seriously

The technologies we develop enable some of the world's leading scientists, often in endeavours that are at the cutting edge of some of the most vital fields. We pride ourselves on being able to product high quality, robust technologies that meet the standards expected by even the most demanding industries.

Our projects and working practices are covered by our comprehensive quality management system and dedicated team. We're also fully compliant with both ISO9001 and ISO13485, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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