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Labman’s software offerings range from our BaseApp, which powers our own hardware, to unique mobile apps developed for customers. Our specialist team work across web and desktop-based frameworks to provide solutions for all of our technologies and our customers’ needs. Whether you're looking to digitalise your lab, develop a unique ELN, introduce AI analytics to your lab data or improve your lab's efficiency with robust, intuitive software to replace outdated lab software, Labman's teams can help.
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Set your lab workflow freeWhether you're looking to move from endless mismatched Excel or Google sheets, or you're using pen and paper for result data, Labman's software offerings can bring significant improvements to your lab workflow. If you're looking for Labman hardware, each system will run our feature-packed BaseApp as standard, bringing intuitive design and workflows to your process.
We don't own your dataWe don't believe you should be tied into Labman, ever. Our devices allow for easy export of all data and easy connection to any 3rd-party database or LIMS system via our REST API or through CSV exports.

Unbelievable possibilities with BaseApp

Labman’s BaseApp software connects almost any piece of laboratory hardware into a seamless user interface for Labman hardware, allowing for anything from fine robot controls to data discovery, all while being fully customisable to fit your brand or lab requirements.

We know that creating fully custom software from scratch can be a long and expensive undertaking; Labman eliminates these problems with BaseApp. Fully customisable whilst retaining all of the functionality and connectivity that we’ve developed over the years - the best of both worlds.

Labman software ui on a monitor which is on an arm by a glass box with a handle to slide open a door. The screen shows camera views and a grid of circles indiciating vial positions

Meeting the highest standards

Labman's codebase is built to stringent standards, both in terms of code structure and versioning, but also when delivering customer data in traceable formats.
A macbook pro laptop showing Labman UI software which shows logs that are compliant with CFR 21 part 11

21 CFR Part 11 compliance built-in

Our Camelot feature within our BaseApp software ensures compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, meeting stringent FDA regulatory requirements for electronic records and signatures.
  • Implement robust access controls, encryption, and secure storage to fortify data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
  • Streamline validation efforts with automated processes, reducing the time and resources required for compliance validation.
  • In line with the regulations, our software comes with clear and change-tracked documentation of the method of operation of the data/document management system itself.
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