Custom project

Automated spectrophotometer system

A high throughput system to perform colour analysis on samples, with capacity for 700 sample measurements in one unattended run.
Labman custom system: Automated spectrophotometer system

Key features

High ThroughputThroughput of 100 samples per hour
Barcode TrackingBarcode identification and tracking of samples
LIMSData output to LIMS
Automatic CalibrationsAutomatic calibrations
SpectrophotometerIntegration of validated spectrophotometer
High CapacityCapacity for 700 samples


System Overview.

Labman’s high throughput system to perform colour analysis on samples was installed in the UK in 2006. The system has capacity to measure 700 samples in one unattended run. For this application Labman integrated the model of spectrophotometer which was already validated and engrossed in the customers Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The system performs automatic periodic calibrations using black and white tiles. Data is captured automatically and output files created for seamless integration with a LIMS system.



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