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Optical coatings system

A bespoke automated system that measures and assesses the optical characteristics and average thickness of coating samples.
Labman custom system: Optical coatings system

Key features

Bespoke SoftwareUser friendly software interface with Microsoft Excel compatible export data and on-screen data representation
CompatabilityCompatible with a range of substrate types & sizes
WorkflowsUser configurable workflows
Barcode ReadingHandheld barcode scanner for easy use
Image AnalysisAutomated image analysis of defect free regions for measurement
User-defined regionsOptional user-defined regions for measurement
Auto CalibrationAutomated calibration of measurement devices
Multiple MeasurementsMeasurement of: Colour, Reflectance, Gloss (20°/60°/85°), RSPEC Gloss, Haze, Distinctness of Image (DOI) Reflected Image Quality (RIQ) and Full colour image capture.
Multiple CalculationsCalculation of: Tristimulus XYZ, Scatter coefficient, ΔE2k, ΔECMC and contrast ratio


The optical coatings system is a bespoke piece of equipment designed for the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). The system is designed to measure and assess the optical characteristics and average thickness of drawn-down samples on substrates. Samples are loaded onto a vacuum bed of calibrated flatness and presented to a range of measurement devices using high precision ball-screw axes. Fully configurable workflows allow an image analysis camera to detect areas of interest and define regions for measurement using a Zeiss Spectrophotometer, Laser Profilometer with sub-micron measurement capability and a Tri-Gloss IQ Goniophotometer.

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“Once systems are operational the level of aftercare and support is second to none. I can say without question that Labman’s customer service is the best I have experienced from any vendor, automation or otherwise.”
— Lynn DonlonPrincipal Scientist - High Throughput Formulation



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