Custom project

Vial/tube filling and capping systems

These systems automate the production of immunology diagnostic kits and other production liquid filling systems.
Labman custom system: Vial/tube filling and capping systems

Key features

Custom Foam Output RacksPopulation of custom foam output racks
Input ConsumablesBowl fed input consumables
Vial FillingAccurate vial filling
Simultaneous Module OperationSimultaneous module operation for maximum throughput
Duel PickingDual picking head to double throughput
Slip CappingUnique slip capping technique for repeatable cap tightening


System Overview.

Labman has built a number of systems to automate the production of immunology diagnostic kits and other production liquid filling systems. The systems need to fill tubes (e.g. fritted reaction tubes) with a solution sometimes with suspended particles, cap the tubes and place them into the kits or racks ready for shipping. The systems utilise RNA bowl feeders for the caps, Flexicon cappers , a Cavro RSP-9000 XYZ system and XL3000 based aspirate and dispense liquid handling syringes all integrated into the Labman system. This combination provides seamless handling, capping and liquid delivery. The fastest machine built to date can fill 2.73ml and refit the cap in 4 seconds. This is achieved with parallel heads working in unison. Particular attention is commonly paid to smooth surfaces as the systems need regular and thorough cleaning. Optical liquid detection sensors can be used to ensure the liquids are flowing or that the fill levels are sufficient. Torque sensing on the capper drives detects cross threading and other capping errors. The integration of OEM and proprietary components and equipment into larger systems is a speciality of Labman’s. If you have an automation need which requires integration with current systems or components then please contact us to discuss your requirements. Remember all of our systems are completely custom to your needs.



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