Custom projects

Lab technology without compromises

Labman are experts at meeting the engineering challenges of developing bespoke lab technologies without compromising quality or robustness, and without it costing the earth.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all

Traditional lab technology providers tend to only serve out-of-the-box solutions that require compromise, workflow adjustment and often a lot of headaches. Labman’s ability to create technology that fits your exact workflow and laboratory setup means you’re all set with minimal hassle.
Built for usability and longevityWe care deeply about every single one of the projects we create. Having been creating lab tech for more than 40 years, we know how to ensure they work well every time. Quality is paramount to us.
Custom doesn’t have to mean expensiveIn many areas, having a product created just for you can be an expensive luxury. Labman alleviate this by following robust procedures and testing routines, as well as combining technology that we have tried and tested on previous projects.
A transparent and collaborative processWe’re a friendly bunch of people. The process of designing and building a custom piece of lab technology may appear daunting, but you'll always be involved and aware of what's going on, and we'll ensure it fits your requirements.
You're in very good companyMany of the world’s largest companies choose Labman time and time again to create custom technologies for their laboratories, including Unilever, GSK, Syngenta and many more.
The process

How does a custom project work?

Every custom project is, by its very nature, unique. But there is a standard form that each project tends to follow.

A short form introduction to Labman's proposed solution.

With a good understanding of the high level nature of your requirements and workflow, we begin the process of a custom project with an initial short report. This easy-to-digest introduction to Labman’s proposed solution to your specification is designed to help give your team a clear understanding of the technology, timelines and estimated cost of the project. From this stage we’ll help to make sure that the proposed solution meets all of your requirements within the budget you have in mind. It’s very much a conversation, and we’re always willing to come and visit your site or welcome you to Labman to talk further about your project.

“As well as the extremely high quality of their work, the team at Labman are exceptional. They are responsive, reliable and have a very collaborative attitude. They will often come up with intelligent and innovative solutions to problems and are always open to discuss any ideas for improvements.”
— Antony CurlyLaboratory Validation Manager
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