Custom project

Vitens automated water laboratory

An entire water laboratory system for Vitens Laboratorium in Holland that runs unattended overnight with results ready first thing in the morning.
Labman custom system: Vitens automated water laboratory

Key features

Chilled SamplesSamples are kept in chilled stores
Automatic Colony CountingSamples are prepared for automatic colony counting
Stored & Transferred DataData is stored and transferred to appropriate analysers
Aliquots MeasurementsAliquots taken for off-line measurements
Tested SamplesSamples are tested for dissolved metals using ICP/MS
Aquakem AnalyserAliquots are analysed on-line using an Aquakem analyser
pH, Turbidity, Titrations, colour/UV & ConductivitypH, Turbidity, Titrations, colour/UV, conductivity
Automatic registration & TransportAutomatic registration and transport to appropriate lab
Bottle Imaging & WeightThe bottle is checked for damage and contents (imaging and weight)


System Overview.

Vitens Laboratorium in Leeuwarden, Holland required a ‘lights out’ laboratory that analysed water samples taken in the field that day. The system runs unattended overnight with results ready first thing in the morning. Samples are collected during the day by sample takers, the details of which are transmitted remotely by GPRS telecommunications to the LIMS database so the system knows what samples will be arriving. The sample takers dump the bottles onto a conveyor throughout the night and leave. From hereon in the bottles are handled, tracked analysed and disposed of automatically.

“This was an amazing project to work on. There is nothing else available that automates a water laboratory to this extent.”
(Paul Chilton, Labman Senior Project Engineer)



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