Another new extension for Labman

Our new extension will increase our floor space by almost double.
Labman culture 5 min read

Katie SimpsonPublished 24th Jul 2019

Here at Labman we’re proud of our open plan factory space where we pretty much do everything under one roof; from engineering, software, testing and a little bit of cake eating which is all equally important in the process of making robots!

But we’re growing, and fast! So we are very excited to be seeing the early stages of our massive new extension which will increase our floor space by almost double. The above visualisation shows the new extension to the south side of our building. It will include a gym, seminar room and fundamentally provide vital build space for our latest state of the art systems.

Our work load is increasing all the time as we are receiving new enquiries and orders from all over the world. The factory underwent an extension only 2 years ago and already we are filled to capacity. The increased floor space is essential for us to continue building exciting new robots and developing software systems. Within the extension we will also have our own dedicated lab which will enable us to provide controlled testing for our clients’ latest automation endeavors.

From 2500m2 the overall foot print will become 4500m2 so we will have plenty of space for work, play and generally swinging a cat. We hope to see the extension finished by the early part of 2020 so we can continue to prosper in Labman style.