We're working towards a brighter future in technology

We recognise that we have an impact on our planet, our company, and our community - it’s up to us to make the next move a positive one.
42%carbon reduction commitment by 2030
77thpercentile sustainability performance by EcoVadis
20+material recycling waste streams on site
11.3%power generated by onsite solar

How do we do this?


We recognize the impact that our operations and products have on the environment and are committed to reducing this. Some actions we have taken are:
  • Developing our own automated building management system to control all elements of HVAC in our North Yorkshire HQ. Hundreds of sensors are checked every few minutes to ensure our facility is always using energy as efficiently as possible.
  • Identifying new material waste streams from our operations every year (reducing, re-using, recycling) and implementing careful processes to manage them.
  • Minimising the environmental impact of our systems by reducing resource usage (including single-use plastics) through design and user behaviour instruction.
  • Reporting on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) annually, and offering free collection for end of life systems, ensuring components are reused and recycled as effectively as possible.

Labour and human rights

Labman are committed to ensuring that all employees and workers throughout our supply chain are treated with respect and dignity and that their human rights are protected. We achieve this through:
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • Ensuring all employees have a voice, through regular 1-on-1 appraisals and open feedback systems.
  • Implementing fair labour practices and providing training and development opportunities for all employees.

Sustainable Procurement

We recognise that our procurement practices can have a significant impact on sustainability throughout our supply chain. Due to this, we assess our suppliers to ensure they share our commitment to best sustainability practices.


Labman are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all business practices. We maintain transparency and accountability in all our business operations and uphold the principles of fair competition and avoiding conflicts of interest.

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