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Elevate your specialty chemicals workflow with Labman's advanced technological solutions. Streamlined synthesis, formulation, and characterization for advanced composites, nanomaterials, and more.
Person wearing white lab coat and white latex gloves is holding a beaker in their left containing a viscous clear glue substance. They are using a stirrer and lifting it out, the way the substance drips into the beaker suggests it is quite a thick liquid.

Key services

Transform your speciality chemicals lab processes with Labman’s advanced technological solutions.
Automation in chemical synthesisLabman's technologies enables automated chemical synthesis processes, integrating precision instruments such as automated reactors, chromatography systems, and spectrometers. This ensures efficient and controlled synthesis of complex specialty chemicals, enhancing reproducibility and accuracy.
Innovative formulation automationLabman's automation solutions facilitate sophisticated formulation processes by incorporating automated powder and liquid dispensers, automated mixers and centrifuges, and precision weighing systems. These integrated technologies optimize the blending of intricate chemical components, ensuring uniformity and consistency in final products.
Nanoparticle formulationLabman specializes in automated nanoparticle formulation systems, employing cutting-edge instruments like high-speed homogenizers, microfluidic systems, and dynamic light scattering devices. This precision technology enables scientists to control particle size, distribution, and surface properties for enhanced product performance
Technologies for a huge range of speciality chemicalsOur technologies cater to a broad spectrum of specialty chemicals, including lubricants, construction materials, additives & flavors, surfactants, adhesives, resins, and precious metals. Our automated systems, including robotic sample preparation and high-throughput screening, empower scientists to develop and test a wide range of chemicals.

Automate your specialty chemicals workflow

Labman is your partner in specialty chemicals, offering automation technologies that enable you to create complex and high-performance products with ease and efficiency. Whether you need to synthesize new molecules, formulate novel blends, or characterize nanoparticles, Labman has the technology and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Labman’s automation solutions span various sectors and applications, from lubricants and additives to surfactants and precious metals.
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Technologies that fit your workflow

Whether you're looking to automate a small process in your wider speciality chemicals workflow, or your entire laboratory, we specialise in developing products and custom projects that fit your exact needs. We believe in elevating your science, ensuring the technology aligns with your current workflow instead of forcing you to conform or compromise.
  • Robust and collaborative design and testing processes to ensure the technology meets your specifications.
  • We're engineers at heart, meaning you can expect engineering excellence as standard. Our robust procedures and tried-and-tested standard components ensure reliable operations.
  • Data is never siloed with Labman - all of our technology can be integrated with your LIMS or LIS setup.
  • Worldwide, comprehensive support packages for peace-of-mind.
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The perfect partnership - your science, our engineering

Our mission is to enhance scientific pursuits with cutting-edge technology. Cultivating relationships with clients, some spanning over 25 years, emphasizes transparency and trust. Our dedicated team goes beyond transactions, actively engaging with clients for a profound understanding of project intricacies. This personalized approach distinguishes us and forms the foundation for consistently delivering technology that delights and inspires.
  • Hands-on team that will be your points-of-contact throughout the entire process of working with Labman.
  • Mechanical, electrical, electronics and software are all in-house at Labman, so you can always be kept up-to-date with where every component is in the project.
  • We keep an open door, so if you want to see your Labman technology at any stage in its development, you're always welcome to vist or to video call for updates.
“As well as the extremely high quality of their work, the team at Labman are exceptional. They are responsive, reliable and have a very collaborative attitude. They will often come up with intelligent and innovative solutions to problems and are always open to discuss any ideas for improvements.”
— Antony CurlyLaboratory Validation Manager
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We’ve produced 100s of unique pieces of revolutionary technologies for laboratories worldwide. Each of these harnesses Labman’s unique ability to design for a specific workflow and to integrate tools that customer’s know well in an automated way.
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