Introducing domestic abuse and menopause policies to Labman.

Labman are proud to introduce these important policies.
Labman culture 6 min read

Katie SimpsonPublished 7th Sept 2022

Would you open up to your colleagues if you were a victim of domestic abuse or dealing with symptoms of the menopause? Many would not, but as we continue on our mission to provide support and a more inclusive environment in the workplace, we have introduced policies surrounding these very subjects.

Each year nearly 2 million people in the UK suffer some form of domestic abuse - 1.3 million female victims (8.2% of the population) and 600,000 male victims (4%).

Dealing with it alone can be overwhelming and it is likely to affect your ability to carry on at work. Our new domestic abuse policy means we endeavour to offer suitable forms of support, encourage open conversations and we are able to signpost help for victims and affected family members.

The menopause and its affects are often misunderstood. It causes a wide range of difficult symptoms for sufferers which can in turn affect their family members. From depression and anxiety to sleep disturbances, weight gain, and headaches. But unfortunately it is not an easy subject to discuss so many people affected suffer in silence. Labman’s new policy is there to support female staff going through the menopause themselves, but also family members who are affected by it.

These policies have been introduced by Labman’s fantastic management and HR team, continuing with our aim to have a fully inclusive organisation. Along with the facilities at HQ we have mental health first aiders, an on-site psychotherapist, bowls of fruit and lots of little things aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of our staff. We are always encouraging our colleagues to be the best they can be.