Intern 2021 #5 - Nikolay

With dreams of working in the aerospace and rocket industry, Labman was the perfect fit for Nikolay
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Katie SimpsonPublished 1st Oct 2021

Over the past 11 weeks Labman welcomed Nikolay as a summer intern. A first-year masters student studying engineering at the Trinity College, Cambridge. With dreams of working in the aerospace and rocket industry, Labman was the perfect fit. Providing some hands-on, engineering experience during his summer holiday. Nikolay has this to say about his time as an intern here:

Whilst studying for my master’s at Cambridge, I want to learn more about computational fluid dynamics simulations. I would then be able use my knowledge of these simulations to design, build, and test rocket engines. Outside of work and my university studies, I usually spend my own time working on computational fluid dynamics simulations for rocket engines. Which I plan on building soon as a personal project.

My long-term aspiration is this will hopefully kickstart a career in the aerospace / rocket industry. (Although the prospects for a rocketry career in the UK are fairly bleak!)

Whilst being an intern at Labman I spent most of my time assembling robot parts. Or helping with maintenance around the factory. Occasionally I was doing some testing of the robots I helped assemble. I found that the main positives of working at Labman are the people and the facilities. The people here are exceptionally friendly and always happy to help, making me feel at home during my time here. While the facilities entailed a squash court, climbing wall, and a gym. All of which provided a great way to decompress after work. Not only that, but there are also a few pool / snooker and foosball tables. If you’d like something a little less physically demanding during your lunch break. Everyone gets involved, it’s a really good atmosphere!

Another great thing about Labman and its culture is if you have personal projects that you’d like to work on. The factory is a great place to do that. People are encouraged and trusted to use the labs facilities to help with these projects outside of working hours. There are loads of CNC and manual metalworking machines as well as all the standard hand tools you might need. If you ask very politely, the machinists are willing to spend their own time machining any parts.

The working hours are fairly flexible too! This is extremely helpful since sometimes the workload ebbs and flows. It also gives you a much better work / life balance! The entire factory is also kept remarkably tidy and well organised. With everyone being accountable for their own areas. Making it less of a headache to find the tools you need for the job.

Nikolay is heading off back to Cambridge to finish his masters in Engineering. We wish him best of luck in fulfilling his dreams in a career in the aerospace and rocket industry!

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