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Local lass Coco tells us her favourite things about Labman
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Intern Coco with mentor Ed

Katie SimpsonPublished 14th Sept 2023

Having the opportunity to work at Labman offers our interns an exciting and valuable experience that we are proud to provide. Being able to showcase that experience to the future pioneers of the industry is a great way of inspiring them to continue their path.

Our summer intern, and Stokesley Sixth Form Student, Coco Gordon-Jeary, hopes to do a Masters in Aerospace Engineering at university then move on to work in F1, at the European Space Agency, or other engineering spaces. Coco shared her thoughts on working at Labman over the summer.

This was probably the best and most interesting way I could’ve spent my summer. Coming in, I could see I knew a lot less than most as the other interns had all started university and I’m still in sixth form, however everyone was more than willing to answer any questions I had and help me with anything I didn’t understand. I loved that everyone was so happy to explain their robots to me! I think I learned a lot about many different industries that no one would usually think to tell you; I particularly liked how much I learned about CAD. I’d never even seen one before I came to Labman and after a week here I could design simple parts (with help but I still found it very exciting). The experience will be very useful to me going into university and other jobs. I think it will make it a lot easier and less daunting.

Before the internship, I started here doing a week of work experience. I couldn’t believe the range of activities available. I’ve taken part in VR racing, climbing, pool and there’s still so much more for me to try. This balance of work and fun was a big part of the reason I was so eager to come back. Furthermore, now that I’m here for the summer, I had to the chance to attend the annual summer party ‘Labfest’. I didn’t realise how all-out everyone goes. I even like seeing how it’s all organised and put together. It seems to be an amazing way to connect people that maybe would never have the chance to work with together otherwise.

Intern Coco using saw
Intern Coco

Overall, this experience greatly benefited me: growing my confidence, making me less afraid to ask for help, giving me a head start in learning things I’ll need when beginning a career. This was an amazing opportunity that proved engineering is the right path for me. I am very happy I took it, very grateful to have been offered it and would absolutely take it again if the chance arises.

Thank you Coco for sharing your experiences with Labman and we wish you luck in all of your endeavours!