The Interns #1 - Jordan

Intern Jordan leaves Labman this week.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 10th Sept 2020

Despite the many obstacles brought about by COVID-19 this year, we have thankfully still been able to run a number of internships. There are so many projects and ideas going on here at Labman, not to mention the clubs and sporting activities you can get involved with and Jordan, whose internship ends this week, has been doing just that.

His stay clearly inspired him to express himself in poetic form, and for that, we are thankful! Here’s what he had to say:

I wonder when I’ll next be here,
At Labman’s site, which I hold dear.
I’ve only done one uni year,
But already I feel like an engineer!

'Cause only here could I get work,
like building my own neural network.
and only here was playing with wires,
sufficient fun to fill my desires!

I learnt about a range of tools,
'Bout lathes and drills and safety rules,
I broke more things than I can say,
but learnt so much along the way!

At Handyside where I would stay,
We made a mix of work and play,
The practice runs of Atlas tests,
Then board game nights and weekend rests!

If I could say one thing 'bout summer,
It’s “leaving Labman’s a real bummer”.
In future years I will return,
to work and play and continue to learn!