Future Engineer Competition

We challenged students from a number of local schools to think of any engineering project and create designs, make models, and most importantly, have fun!
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Katie SimpsonPublished 6th Nov 2019

Rather than staring aimlessly at social media for six weeks, we decided it would be a great project for students to get stuck into over the school summer holidays, so we launched the competition in July. The schools did a fantastic job in spreading the word to their students, who we asked to think of any engineering project and create designs, make models, and most importantly, have fun! What better way is there to pass the time than nerding over engineering problems and ideas?

We were so lucky to have some amazing talent from The Links Primary, Hutton Rudby Primary, Kirby & Great Broughton Primary, Egglescliffe School, Conyers School, Stokesley School and Sacred Heart. One child from the primary school group and one from secondary each won £100 to spend as they please – ‘on his next project’ said primary winner Daniel Woodward from The Links in Eaglescliffe. Apparently, Daniel is planning on working for us when he’s finished with school! Sophie Barlow was the winner in the secondary age group designing a genius self-filling car windscreen system.
It was clear all the children had put so much time and energy into their designs, it was hard to choose a winner. We would really like to see each of them carry on with their engineering aspirations and ideas. Hopefully one day they may even apply to work at Labman.

The competition was a great success. Crucially it helped to build confidence and enthusiasm in the children and we are hoping to do it again next year. At Labman we really want to help make a difference with STEM involvement in and out of school. We have a strong group of STEM Ambassadors and we assist with afterschool clubs, school talks and tours and indeed anything to engage the children’s enthusiasm. We actively work with many schools to promote STEM activities which help children and young people see the possibilities of a future career within engineering.

Sarah Bright, HR
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