Introducing the Rapid COVID19 Sample Reformatter

This system provides crucial efficiency for Test-and-Trace operations across the world.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 19th Nov 2020

Drawing on Labman’s 40+ years experience building automated systems, the Rapid Sample Reformatter was exclusively designed to sub-sample large volumes of liquid COVID-19 samples. Boasting a processing speed of 3 samples in just 12 seconds and operating continuously 24 hours a day, the system provides crucial efficiency for Test-and-Trace operations across the world.

The system automates the process of transferring fluid samples from vials into well plates, ready for testing. A two-handed sensor touch system provides the operator with complete control of the loading process. Each step of the process takes place around a continuous operation carousel. Vial caps and used pipettes are safely discarded, and processed vials are then heat sealed and transferred to a separate output unit, ensuring maximum safety for operators.

The system has compatibility to take up to 7 different COVID swab tube types as standard. New tube types can be quickly 3D printed on site, providing complete compatibility for your testing requirements. A barcode scanner provides easy and reliable data tracking.

The Rapid Sample Reformatter was built specifically for Dante Labs, an Italian Innovation Centre specialising in genome sequencing. They required a solution to dramatically increase the processing speeds of samples as part of their COVID-19 testing program. With no doubt the quickest turnaround in our catalogue of bespoke systems, we built and delivered the system to their Milan based site ready for installation, within just four weeks.

The system is constructed within a strong aluminium frame and can be delivered to site in one piece, minimising set-up time. Our multi-disciplinary team and high-capacity manufacturing base allows us to deliver customised systems with an extremely short lead time.

COVID-19 sample transfer is a major bottle neck in many labs across the world, This automated system will save your team time and reduce manual lab operations. To find out more, please contact us.
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