LABMAN - A new beginning

Dhe is 6700 miles from his home in India while working with Labman after moving to Leeds for his studies.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 24th Apr 2013

Having been born and raised in India I decided to pursue my higher education at the University of Leeds in England. When looking for jobs after graduation I came across an opening for an Electronics Engineer at Labman Automation.

I had not previously heard of Labman Automation. When I searched on Google, I saw the videos of their systems on the Labman YouTube channel. This gave me a great insight into what they do; innovative engineering.

Now a member of the Labman family for over 3 months, I can say that every day is a new adventure with people from different disciplines coming together to create and develop.
Even though I have a predominantly electronics engineering background, at Labman, I get to learn and try at other aspects of engineering by playing around with different tools and working with people with diverse knowledge. I have even been trained on the CAD package SolidWorks which I had always been interested in but never had the opportunity to try before.

Moving to a new place is always a huge effort but at Labman I felt part of the family from the very first moment. From helping me find a place to live to assisting me with lifts to work. The members of the Labman family were always helpful and a pillar of support.

Apart from doing what I am passionate about on a daily basis I have found a home 6700 miles away from home. I am proud to be at Labman.