Labman Launches a New Brand - Sempuris

The launch of Sempuris and the Dual Filter System is an exciting new chapter for Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 2nd Nov 2016

Labman is proud to introduce a new brand - Sempuris (<>), and its first off-the-shelf water filtration device, the Dual Filter system. As a new member of the Labman family, Sempuris will cover all aspects of Labman’s bespoke systems for the water industry, as well as the Dual Filter system and its Smart Cartridges.

Having worked closely with the water industry for many years creating unique and innovative systems, ranging from water filtration and analysis machines, to BOD robots and even full water laboratories, Labman realised the need for a dedicated, easy-to-operate, bench-top water filtration system. The Dual Filter system is a simple, modern device that will transform the way you filter water samples, safeguards operators from dangerous exposure to raw water samples, as well as completely eliminating the need for manual syringe filters.

Traditional syringe filter discs, as well as being extremely hard-work to filter samples with, are also very wasteful, both of materials and time. The Dual Filter system instead takes two Smart Cartridges, each of which houses a roll of filter tape, available in a range of filter pore sizes and materials. Water is drawn from an input vessel at one side of the system, passes through the two different thicknesses of filter tape, and is outputted to a collection vessel on the other side of the system – it’s that simple.

Crucially, each Smart Cartridge contains up to 750 tape sections, each one 4x the surface area of a traditional filter disc – drastically reducing waste. With intelligent auto-spooling, built-in memory, and a fully-enclosed, ergonomically designed plastic housing, Sempuris Smart Cartridges are now the very best, and most environmentally-friendly, way to filter water samples.

Labman will be launching the Dual Filter system at WWEM 2016 today in Telford, as well as introducing the water industry to our new brand, Sempuris. If you’re planning on visiting WWEM this year, you’ll find us at Stand 80 - we’d love to see you and introduce you to the ease and convenience of this brand new system.

The launch of Sempuris and the Dual Filter System is an exciting new chapter for Labman – there’s a lot more coming from Sempuris! Find out more at