Musings of a US intern - Nils

The electrical whizz, Nils, came all the way from the US to complete a 6 month internship with Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 11th Jul 2019

We always ask our interns to complete a blog about their time with us, this was Nils’ first visit to the UK and what in intern he has been…

This having been my first time in the U.K. and first time in an electrical engineering job I had quite the experience across my six months here. I chose Labman as opposed to other companies in the U.S. because it seemed profoundly different from what I was used to. With an extremely active company culture and plethora of advanced robots to work on It seemed silly not to go after. During my time here I did electrical work on just about every robot coming through, as well as dipping my toes into other fields. Working occasionally in mechanical, project management, or machining tasks turned what could have been a one-dimensional job into well rounded experience that will no doubt give me more insight in my career after college.

Working on the electrical tasks of a build and seeing the robot boot up for the first time; or, drawing an electrical diagram and looking over the railing to watch the robot being built are unique and fulfilling experiences that I would urge any potential Intern to look into.