The Interns #8 - John

John has come all the way from London to complete his second internship at Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 15th Oct 2019

Coming all the way from London to complete his second internship at Labman, John now enters the third year of his Mechanical Engineering degree after what he describes as ‘a diverse experience’! Take it away John:

Another year rolls on, and regrettably, another cracking summer at Labman comes to an end. After my first summer at Labman HQ, I left with a whole wealth of practical knowledge that opened so many doors in my second year of university, allowing me to try more challenging projects with my Labman creativity backing me the whole way; tips and tricks I learned from some of the most practical and innovative engineers and technicians I have ever experienced. So with another year of study under my belt, I rushed straight back to Labman to tackle more audacious projects than ever.

I truly believe that Labman offers the whole internship package. Disregarding the buzzing social community and activities that the company has to offer, the depth and scope of work highlights almost every aspect of a projects cycle, something which most companies could only offer interns a slice of. From idea to design to manufacture to commissioning, throwing in a handful of customer relations and chemistry into the mix, I have had the definition of a diverse experience.

The secret ingredient to finish off this perfect recipe has to be the people. The most senior people are always at hand to help with the smallest task, colleagues who teach you how to do it and not just do it for you, and then are always up for attending evening kickabouts or trip to the ice rink! It’s great to have colleagues that you can call friends. Thanks, Labman.