The Interns #7 - Michael

Michael tells us about his internship at Labman.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 8th Oct 2019

We are sorry to say goodbye to this live wire! Before he returns to finish his engineering degree at Cambridge University, Michael tells us about his internship at Labman:

The fantastically diverse environment to which you’re put in the deep end, has been incredibly insightful. From dealing with such a variety of top and lower level engineering problems I’m privileged to have a practical understanding of the workings of business and projects.

Learning about push-in fasteners for connecting tube to metal was such a lesson that I’ll never look at problems like that the same. It is a small piece of trivial knowledge but for a first-time professional like myself this has really opened my eyes to the beauty of standardised components!

Finally, the people at Labman have been better than I could’ve hope for. There’s so much support, humour and skill so tightly squeezed together it makes life a lot easier. This also brings me to the extra-curricular activities which add a massive relief if stress has had you caught up.

All-in-all my internship was a terrific experience, one I will use the lessons from for the rest of my career.