The Interns #3 - Ted

Interning, travelling then back to studying. Ted tells his story.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 12th Jan 2023

Ted has spent the last four months interning at Labman, and now he is ready to move on to his next chapter at university (not before a spot of travelling of course)! He hopes to study mechanical engineering or materials science. During his internship he learnt a lot, and here he tells us about his experience working at Labman. Take it away Ted!

During my internship, I have helped with various projects within Labman’s bioprocess team. I have had the opportunity to try my hand at a wide range of tasks involved in the development of robots from design, to manufacture and testing. I have spent most of my time upgrading older systems to the latest spec which involved mechanical, electrical and some metalworking tasks. This was great to expand my technical skills beyond what I had done in the past.

I was also given the chance to design parts which ended up on real robots allowing me to develop my understanding of Solidworks and sheet metal manufacturing. My favourite project involved building a prototype for an upcoming system and I really enjoyed seeing it go from CAD into the real world.

Intern Ted

Outside of work I have enjoyed using Labman’s gym and taken part in a few friendly yet competitive games of pool at lunchtimes. Overall, working at Labman has been a great start to my year, and has given me valuable experience while allowing me to save up for travelling.