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Cryogenic plant grinding & feeding system

A unique system for the cryogenic grinding and then feeding of milligram amounts of plant material into sample vials ready for analysis.
Labman custom system: Cryogenic plant grinding & feeding system

Key features

Plant GrindingAutomatically grinds and aliquots plant material to a specified number of targets
Feed SamplesFeed sample from a single source to multiple target tubes
Input & Output Sample Vials96 input samples and 580 output sample vials
Dry Air Refridgeration-70degreesC dry air refrigeration to ensure low frost build up
Multiple FormatsMultiple format data import and export (csv, excel etc)
Dispensing AccuracyDispensing accuracy +/-4mg


System Overview.

In 2007, Labman Automation installed and commissioned a unique system for cryogenically grinding and then feeding milligram amounts of plant material into sample vials ready for analysis. The system is designed to operate for 24 hours a day. The system is loaded with vials containing plant material and steel balls for grinding. Inside a -70 degree C freezer a robot loads the sample vials into stations designed to grind the sample and then pierce a hole in the vial, which is then used for feeding powder. The feeding station is used to dispense milligram amounts of the sample into Micronic tubes for downstream analysis (enzyme, nucleic acid, yeast and protein extraction).



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