Labman have experience automating a wide range of lab processes across industries.


Integrated instruments, precise reactions, and tailored solutions for enhanced yield and productivity using Labman's synthesis automation.
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Quality control

Automated technological solutions to aid your lab's adherence to ISO, FDA, and industry quality control standards.
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Elevate your manufacturing with Labman's GMP-compliant automation solutions. Precision in environmental control, filling, labeling, capping, and sealing.
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Sample prep

Achieve precision in chromatography, liquid-liquid extraction, HPLC and more using our cutting-edge automation to elevate your sample preparation.
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Optimize your lab purification workflow, including filtration and chromatography, for efficient workflows.
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Empower your processing workflow with advanced automation - streamlining purification, extraction, and chromatography.
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Data mangement

Integration into your LIMS, digitalized experiments, ELNs and advanced analytics for streamlined data management.
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Achieve precision and efficiency in your lab testing with our automated testing instruments for QC, sustainability and more.
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Explore Labman's advanced solutions for automated formulation control—liquid & powder handling, mixing, environmental conditions, and parameter monitoring.
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Cutting-edge robotic solutions for precise application automation, from pharmaceutical coatings to bioprinting and liquid handling.
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Elevate your analysis with our automated solutions for methods including LC-MS, GC-MS, FTIR, ICP-OES, qPCR, FT-NIR, XRF, HPLC, and more.
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“As well as the extremely high quality of their work, the team at Labman are exceptional. They are responsive, reliable and have a very collaborative attitude. They will often come up with intelligent and innovative solutions to problems and are always open to discuss any ideas for improvements.”
— Antony CurlyLaboratory Validation Manager

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