Live telemetry. Expert support. Available wherever you are.

This is Traciot, our unified telemetry and support platform. Supercharge your laboratory workflows and keep everyone on the same page with Traciot’s live system data and support system.

Elevate your lab technology

Traciot allows the upload of data from a variety of platforms such as robotic hardware, lab instruments and environmental management systems. Labman engineers, system operators and laboratory managers based anywhere across the globe can benefit from remote access to this data.

Support ticketing

With Traciot, it's easy to quickly raise 'tickets' to swiftly address any issues with your robot. Stay in the loop with a comprehensive log of all raised concerns, fostering clear communication channels between our skilled engineers and valued users. Our engineers are promptly notified, ensuring lightning-fast response times for a seamless experience.

Data-driven proactive maintenance

Traciot can count individual movements, occurrences or time usage on the system’s hardware. When a component fails, the current usage count can be flagged and this data can then be used to help predict future failures. Maintenance schedules can be created ranging from basic checks to component replacement. This method of proactive maintenance provides a range of benefits from stock/parts management to minimising system down-time.

Bring live data to your lab workflow

Traciot is available with every Labman project as standard, but please get in touch with us if you're interested in a more vendor-agnostic version of this workflow.
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