Automated Panel Loader

The latest Labman gadget is ready for delivery later this week.
Project spotlight 4 min read

Katie SimpsonPublished 5th Mar 2013

Our latest Labman gadget is ready for delivery later this week. Large scale automated platforms are our bread and butter but we often find ourselves putting together some nice little small scale systems too. This particular piece of kit is an automatic panel loader for a barcode labeling conveyor. It allows users to load analysis panels onto the input rack, initiate the system and simply walk away. The system then transfers panels onto an automated conveyor. The panels are then conveyed under a label application head which sticks a unique barcode onto the bottom corner. These panels are now ready for use with one of our automated high throughput systems.

One of our own integrated circuit board designs provides the brains for this handy little gadget. This circuit board controls all the pneumatic actuators and vacuum pump used to manipulate the panels as they travel from input to output. The system runs a standard, push to go, operation mode and will load panels until it has exhausted its 500 stack capacity.