Materials Innovation Factory Team Visit Labman

The team took advantage of Labman's diverse technology to view the development of the project.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 8th Dec 2016

This week, Labman was delighted to play host to a team from the Materials Innovation Factory, comprised of members from the University of Liverpool and Unilever. Reviewing the progress of the £2.5M Formulation Engine, which will sit at the heart of the brand new facility, the joint team was able to take advantage of Labman’s diverse technology to view the development of the project.

Our dedicated laboratory allowed the team to conduct experiments using the proposed components, while our VR development zone even allowed for a detailed walkthrough of the system. VR is making it increasingly easy for clients to visualise and experience Labman’s systems before a single part is even machined, especially with complex projects; this particular model allows for interaction with vials, consumables, and other elements of the virtual system to give a realistic impression of practicality and ergonomics. We also constructed dedicated test rigs and proof-of-concept systems to allow more complex areas of the Formulation Engine to be tested in isolation.

It was great to have the team visiting us here in North Yorkshire, and we look forward to seeing them all again soon in Liverpool as the project progresses to the next stage: manufacture.