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In the R&D zone, we make things, break things and try out new ideas for novel problems.

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Labman’s R&D zone is a centre for experimentation, where we can prove the feasibility of new concepts and technology. Historically, the R&D facility has been used to find a solution to a one off problem for a particular customer. More recently however, we have started to develop our own hardware to make consistent improvements across a range of projects.

Innovate and improveWith endless opportunity to innovate, improve and develop new technologies, which could become standard parts of Labman systems.
Rewarding workDesign new technologies which can contribute to addressing worldwide demands in the environmental, pharmaceutical and medical industries.
“The R&D zone is an exciting area of the business which offers the opportunity for experimentation, testing, and of course, failure. When new ideas are successful, deploying them to live projects is the best feeling in the world.”
— Sam BrightHead of R&D
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A multitude of teams

There are a huge range of teams working together at Labman, from electrical to software, marketing to procurement, support to sales, and many more. Where will you find your next position?
Business developmentBecome part of the team responsible for driving innovation and growth, one of the most dynamic areas in the business.
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ElectricalThe electrical engineering team at Labman are tasked with implementing and optimising robust electrical systems to enhance product performance, reliability and most importantly safety.
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ElectronicsDevelop bespoke analogue and digital electronic systems for use in Labman all projects across the business.
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FinanceThe finance team play a critical role, in all aspects of the business. From payroll, to managing budgets, to allocating costs and forecasting, this dynamic team keep the business ticking over.
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HR & recruitmentFrom interns, to onboarding new recruits, work experience and placements, the HR team look after all our staff, new and existing.
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MarketingRepresenting the Labman brand in the way it should be.
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MechanicalLabman's mechanical team are responsible for the quality of any moving parts. This integral area of Labman's engineering offers a broad and varied daily scoop.
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Research & DevelopmentIn the R&D zone, we make things, break things and try out new ideas for novel problems.
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SoftwareBehind every great robot, is great software. Join our team of developers who design software for the robots which will shape our future.
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SupportService and support provides our customers with long-term training, technical help and critical-event support.
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WorkshopEvery bespoke part is designed and made in-house in the Labman workshop.
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