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Mixture Compatibility System

A simple to operate system for testing the compatibility of different chemical mixtures.
Mixture Compatibility System

Key features

PipettingA Sartorius R-Line pipettor capable of handling up to 5ml of liquid with user defined speed control for aspirating and dispensing with auto ejecting of tips.
Powder feederLabman standard build powder feeders, with interchangeable tips on the augers with differing designs to help deal with specific powder characteristics. Each powder feeder also has an actuated catch tray below which retracts when the powder feeder is in use.
FilteringLabman designed sieves that funnel liquids through a mesh and guide it out into a jar below. The sieve can be easily dismantled for cleaning and changing of mesh.
VortexingThe vortexer rotates about a 3mm orbit to mix the liquids. The pot is clamped with a temporary cap system to prevent splashes.
Liquid Stores2 liquid storage areas using magnetic stirrers to keep all liquids homogenous.


The system both formulates samples and analyses them to test the cross compatibility of chemical mixtures. The system is split into two distinct robots: preparation and analysis.

An operator generates a list of recipes and loads this onto the system. The preparation robot follows the recipe, dispensing liquids and powders into each sample. If any foam buildup is detected, the system adds an anti-foam to the sample. Prepared samples are finally mixed in a wrist action shaker before being sent to the analysis robot. In the analysis robot, samples are poured through sieves with different mesh sizes to determine good chemical cross compatibility. Good samples pass through all sieve sizes, whereas bad samples clog up the sieves and are flagged as failures. Shaking is also performed to re-mix the sample before pouring through sieves (if required).


Powder feeder
Close up of powder feeder with sample
Sample scales
mixture compatibility system

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