Custom project

Automated coatings formulation and testing system

Total control of testing regimes, producing a flexible system able to adapt to the changing requirements of R&D.
Labman custom system: Automated coatings formulation and testing system

Key features

Tinter Compatibility DataGeneration of tinter compatibility data
Colour and Opacity CaptureCapture of colour and opacity properties of both wet and dry films
Internal CleaningInternal cleaning of coating applicators
Coating FilmsApplication of coating films to test substrates
Rheology MeasurementsRheology measurement of formulations
AccuracyRaw material dispensing to an accuracy of 3mg
Small Volume DispensersDispensers for 32 small volume raw materials
Raw Material DispensersDispensers for 20 bulk raw materials
50g Coatings SamplesProduction of 50g coatings samples


System Overview.

Labman delivered a flexible three module system capable of producing and testing development samples of coatings to a large international coatings manufacturer. Using liquid raw materials the preparation module can produce over 100 samples in a day with orders of addition controlled by the user. These samples can be moved to the application module for application of the coatings to substrates with BYK Bird Bar film applicators. Wet colour and opacity information can be collected with a non-contact spectrophotometer. This module also includes instruments for collecting tinter compatibility, rheology and film thickness data. The application module creates 400 films during a day of operation. After curing, the applied films can be further studied with the analysis module. This module has an industry standard contact spectrophotometer, a balance and a laser profilometer integrated to provide film weight, thickness and optical data. This module analyses 400 applied films in a day.



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