Custom project

Electrochemical corrosion assessment system

An automated system for performing electrochemical tests on various metallic samples
Labman custom system: Electrochemical corrosion assessment system

Key features

PotentiostatsIntegrated Gamry 1010 potentiostats, with all tests available
Galvanic TestingPaired modules have a fluid and electrical link
User InterfaceLarge touchscreen display for ease of use
FillingUp to three different test solutions in 50 litre tanks
Status LightsCircular lights indicate how far each module is through it’s current test
CassettesThree different types of cassettes for varying sizes of sample
Sample HandlingSamples are gripped from underneath using vacuum, so the experimental face is never touched


This system performs electrochemical tests on small samples of metal. The system consists of a central robot arm with a bank of electrochemical testing modules on each side. Samples are loaded into cassettes at one end of the system before being moved into the modules by the robot arm. The modules seal onto the samples, then fill their cells with test solution. A variety of different tests can be performed using the module’s potentiostat. After the test has been completed the sample and cell are washed and dried before being returned to the cassettes by the arm. Currently there are 10 modules in the system, with space to expand to 16 in the future. All modules can be run in parallel, resulting in a high throughput. There is capacity for 132 samples in the system, in easy to change cassettes. Optionally, pairs of cells can be joined together to test two samples for galvanic corrosion. The size of the interface between the test cell and the sample can be quickly changed to various pre-set sizes. Test cells can be aerated or de-aerated depending on the test required.



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