Custom project

Bauxite analysis preparation unit

In partnership with mining giant Alcoa and Honeywell, this system prepares a 'flat surface' bauxite sample for analysis.
Labman custom system: Bauxite analysis preparation unit

Key features

LIMS integrationLIMS integration
Sample TrackingSample tracking
Self CleaningSelf cleaning analysis cups
Fast Cycle TimeA complete cycle time of 17 seconds per sample
High CapacityCapacity for 1600 samples
Sample Clean UpSample clean up
Analyser UnloadingAnalyser unloading
Data CaptureData capture
Analyser loadingAnalyser loading
FTIR Analysis TechniqueSurface sample preparation for FTIR analysis technique
SamplingSampling from packet into analysis cup
Packet OpeningPacket opening
Barcode ReadingSample identification
Packet pickingPacket picking
Complete AutomationComplete automation of the sample preparation


System Overview.

Alcoa, one of the largest producers of aluminium in the world, mines 86,300 tons of ore every day which equates to the volume of Wembley Stadium! Prior to mining such vast volumes, boreholes are made every metre and 1kg samples are collected. These samples are returned to the QA laboratory, ground and put into small bar-coded envelopes for evaluation of their bauxite content using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR). Using this technique (in this case with a Hewlett Packard Analyser) a well prepared “flat surface” sample needs to be presented and rotated in front of the instrument for analysis. Labman Automation in partnership with Alcoa and Honeywell, produced a unit to meet this requirement.



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