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Disc washing and coating systems

2 Labman systems for washing and coating semi-porous discs. Featuring fluid baths, vacuum holding and accurate coating applied by a 2500rpm spin cycle...
Labman custom system: Disc washing and coating systems

Key features

Minimal FootprintEasily fits any lab environment
Refillable Baths24 different refillable baths
Anti-Corrosive MaterialsMaterials suitable for corrosive solvents
Reduced Cycle TimeSimultaneous operations to reduce cycle time
Simultaneous Cassette HandlingThe system can handle multiple, and even delicate, cassettes at the same time


System Overviews.

Disc Washing

Semi porous discs are washed in various baths of fluid to remove bio-burden and prepare its surface for coating. The discs, pre-loaded into cassettes with 20 positions, are picked and placed into various baths in a sequential process. The bath fluids are replaced between each cassette. At any one time up to 6 cassettes travel though the machine. Each individual cassette requires up to 120 minutes of preparation. As six cassettes are processed simultaneously a cassette is ready for removal every 20 minutes.

Disc Coating

Semi-porous discs are coated with solution to seal from biological ingress. The coating, which once dried dissolves on contact with water, is applied accurately to the centre of each disc. The disc is held in place using vacuum and is spun at up to 2500rpm to coat its surface. The discs, once coated, are stored and dried in racks for manual removal later. Each disc had a uniform coating thanks to the spinning algorithm. All this takes place in a high category clean room.



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