Custom project

Heavy duty variable radius vortexer

For stiff mixing challenges, this heavy duty vortexer is capable of mixing sample weights of up to 10kg. Includes variable speed, direction, and radius.
Labman custom system: Heavy duty variable radius vortexer

Key features

SpeedSpeeds from 0-2500rpm
Vortexing RadiusVortexing radius 1-10mm
Sample WeightSample weight 10kg max
PC ControlledControlled from a PC
Heating & CoolingHeating and cooling options available


System Overview.

For stiff mixing challenges, Labman have designed and developed a heavy duty vortexer. The vortexer is capable of sample weights up to 10kg. The mixing profile including speed, direction and acceleration can be set to allow optimisation for particular materials. The unique aspect of this vortexer is that the radius can be modified manually. A variable radius is required if a variety of different sample containers are to be used. Labman have manufactured this vortexer for stand-alone manual use or for integration into a larger automated system.



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