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Liquid/liquid extraction system

A large, swept volume, three armed, XYZ gantry robotic system for digestion and liquid/liquid extractions.
Labman custom system: Liquid/liquid extraction system

Key features

High ThroughputOne sample every 4 minutes
CappingDe-capping & re-capping
Chemical AdditionsChemical additions of 2mL to 6mL +/- 0.2mL
Large Capacity300 sample capacity
Digestion Tumbler60℃ digestion tumbler
GC Vial CrimpGC vial crimping
LIMSLIMS interface
Remote AccessRemote diagnosis


System Overview.

A large swept volume, three armed, XYZ gantry robot for digestion and liquid/liquid extractions. This robot works day and night putting samples through various solvent extraction and heating regimes. Working on a specially designed continuous flow principle, each sample has an identical time in each phase of the process greatly improving sample to sample reproducibility. Chemical additions include concentrated Sulfuric acid and Chloroform extractions. Chemically inert and resistant liquid handling and lab ware are used throughout. The system comes complete with fume extraction and safety features to fully comply with current COSHH regulations. Two particularly novel features of this system are the tumbling heated water bath for thorough mixing of dissimilar liquids and the preparation of GC/HPLC vials which includes, handling, filling, capping, crimping and loading into HPLC auto samplers.



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