Custom project

Micronic tube weigher

A bench-mounted tare weighing robot for weighing 1.4ml capacity Micronic tubes.The robot can hold up to 16 Micronic tube racks and can run overnight.
Labman custom system: Micronic tube weigher

Key features

Tube Capacity1536 tube capacity
Small Benchtop FootprintSmall benchtop footprint
Balance Weighing5-place balance weighing
Barcode Tracking2D tube barcode tracking
Sample VialsVortexing of sample vials
Optional Liquid AdditionOptional liquid addition


System Overview.

A leading household products company has a Labman bench mounted tare weighing robot for weighing 1.4ml capacity Micronic tubes. This is one of Labman’s smaller systems with a footprint of 1200mm x 800mm. The robot bed can hold up to 16 Micronic tube racks and is designed to run overnight. Each Micronic rack is barcoded and each individual tube has a 2D barcode on the bottom surface. The racks are scanned into the robot using a handheld barcode reader, this enables the tube data to be associated to a particular rack barcode. A CSV file is generated for each rack as it is processed, each file containing the associated tube weight data.



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