Custom project

Plant grinding module

An easy-to-operate evaluation unit for testing your materials and processes in Labman's plant grinding module before purchase of the main system.
Labman custom system: Plant grinding module

Key features

Grinding Sample TypesGrinding of a wide variety of sample types
High Speed AgitationHigh speed agitation
Stainless Steel Ball BearingsSample is milled using stainless steel ball bearings
Evalutation UnitEvalutation unit available
Novel ConceptNovel concept for automating this process
Simple OperationSimple operation


System Overview.

The plant grinding concept used in the Michigan Plant Grinder System and the Max Plank Cryo-grinder system is novel and should be tested with each material and process before a system is purchased. Labman has manufactured an evaluation unit which can be loaned for testing with your samples. The grinder requires no special training or expertise to operate.



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