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Rothamsted research plant material dispenser

This system gravimetrically feeds pre-ground, freeze-dried plant material into Micronic tubes and GC vials.
Labman custom system: Rothamsted research plant material dispenser

Key features

Input CapacityInput capacity of 288 barcoded Falcon tubes containing freeze dried powder
Barcoded Input TubesInput tubes are barcoded for sample information details
Output CapacityOutput capacity of: 9 Micronic racks, individual tubes are 2D barcoded, 9 GC vial racks, Storage for 9 racks of GC vial caps
Powder Feeders2 powder feeders for parallel operation and redundancy
Feeding GC VialsFeeds 1mg +-/ 0.05mg for GC vials
Micronic Tube FeedsFeeds 15mg +/- 0.15mg for Micronic tubes
Configurable Sequence OptionsConfigurable sequence options: Specify target powder feeding weight, Specify target consumables, Prepare output sample data files.


System Overview.

The Rothamsted Research systems were installed and commissioned in 2008. The first module gravimetrically feeds pre-ground, freeze-dried plant material into Micronic tubes and GC vials. The system uses a novel method of powder feeding which eliminates any cross contamination between samples and also required no new consumable types. The system is designed to dispense 1mg of freeze-dried Arabidopsis to an accuracy of +/-0.05mg.



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