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Sample reformatting system

A reformatting system that loads incoming tubes, re-suspends each fraction, then re-constitutes the dissolved fractions into the required output format.
Labman custom system: Sample reformatting system

Key features

High capacityCapacity for up to 400 incoming fraction tubes
High output capacityCapacity for up to 576 output tubes
Easy data managementAutomatic interpretation from incoming files of the fractions per sample
Multiple solvent selection5 Selectable solvents
Programmable dissolution patternsFully programmable dissolution patterns
Blockage detectionOnline needle blockage detection
Environmental controlsSolvent level and fume extraction management


Chemical purification processes often require a fraction collection step. The collected fractions, in some cases multiple, often need to be split up into different formats and volumes for a wide variation of down stream processing. In 2005, Labman Automation supplied a reformatting system for a company based in the UK with a requirement to purify a compound library containing 5 million samples! The system, based on a two-armed Tecan RSP loads incoming tubes containing dried fractions into a dissolution unit, re-suspends each fraction with the selected solvent then re-constitutes the dissolved fractions (some multiple) into the required output format.



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