Streamline your upstream processing of biologics

Whether you are looking to automate your media preparation, bioreactor condition control or introduce online process monitoring using Raman Spectroscopy Labman has the solutions you're looking for.
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Bring the precision, speed and safety of upstream processing to your laboratory
Cultivation Control and Monitoring Inoculation, Seed train expansion or Bioreactor cultivation can be advanced by automated feed streams, online monitoring and parameter control. Carefully control temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and nutrient supply with Labman's engineering solutions.
Perfusion or Continuous ProcessingIncrease the efficiency of your fed-batch system or create a streamline continuous supply of media whilst simultaneously removing waste.
Media Preparation and Optimisation Labman can assist you in automating the formulation of culture media. As well as steps such as filtration and autoclaving for sterilization.
Cell BankingAutomate the preparation of your culture in cryovials to reduce variability. Minimise exposure time of cryoprotectants with automated liquid handling and vial dispensing.
Harvesting Isolate your target cells rapidly via filtration, centrifugation, flocculation or sedimentation whilst ensuring a consistently high level of cell-recovery and minimal strain on cells.
Purification Elevate your clarification steps to ensure all impurities and contaminants are removed. Whether this is via chromatography, filtration or precipitation.
QC and QA support Automate in-process testing to determine key parameters such as titer or protein quantitation. We can help integrate applications such as PLC or ELISA for fast and accurate measuring.
Key services

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Automation is the key to sucessful continuous upstream processing. Integrating our technologies into your manufacturing platform enables you to carry out high-throughput methods for both process development and production. Whether your bottlenecks lie in perfusion or buffer management Labman has the capabilities and services required for your laboratory.

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The technologies we develop enable some of the world's leading scientists, often in endeavours that are at the cutting edge of some of the most vital fields. We pride ourselves on being able to product high quality, robust technologies that meet the standards expected by even the most demanding industries.

Our projects and working practices are covered by our comprehensive quality management system and dedicated team. We're also fully compliant with both ISO9001 and ISO13485, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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