Custom project

Auto-force / load tester

This systems integrates an off-the-shelf load-cell with a Labman manufactured drive to make accurate force & displacement measurements.
Labman custom system: Auto-force / load tester

Key features

Calibration ChecksCalibration checks performed before use
FDA Compliant21 CFR part 11 compliant
Data AnalysisPeak force determination
CompactCompact bench top system
Data OutputForce displacement curve output
Valve AssembliesCapacity for 10 valve assemblies


System Overview.

Labman has manufactured a number of systems which integrate off the shelf load cells to perform tensile or compressive tests. An off the shelf load cell is integrated with a Labman manufactured drive so that accurate force/displacement measurements can be made. Labman have also manufactured systems using load cells to measure friction on surfaces. The auto-force system uses a load cell to measure the force required to disassemble a valve assembly. Unlike standard off the shelf load testers the auto-force automates the process allowing the system to measure 10 valve assemblies without operator intervention. The system produces a force displacement curve for each valve assembly. All the data is stored and encrypted to comply with 21 CFR part 11.



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